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Foxmarkets stands for online commerce.

For the most online shops is necessary to be listed on price comparison websites because it drives stability to their business. Nevertheless, a significant number of retailers are not yet fully aware of great the value of this new channel and have difficulties with data transfer. That's why when “Foxmarkets” is of great help. More information at foxmarkets.com

In era of economic instability, online consumers worldwide tend to search for purchases with the lowest prices they can find on the web in order to get more visitors and more sales. That is the reason why price comparison sites are in such great demand because they increase websites popularity. Their service allows to compare the price of same product in different online shops in order to get the most relevant. Online shops succeed because of such collaboration. Their products are in constant promotion offered by comparison-shopping agents. It increases the number of potential customers, which after clicking on the interested product, are redirected straight to the online store. This is the best marketing strategy a small business can choose because it doesn't require much of expenses.

In order to list products on a price comparison site, traders have to provide the information about the products into a data file, which will allow the system to compare the product price with the rest of the database. In the most cases, the process creates difficulties because it involves at least some basic programming skills.

More often online traders start applying to third party companies that offer to do themselves the products export to comparison sites using programming technologies and without involving human factor. They automatically provide the data about the product to numerous trading channels simultaneously. Results that the trader gets more traffic directed to his website and eventually makes more sales.

In this case, it would be rational to apply to the data feed platforms, such as Foxmarkets, which allow online shops to attract more buyers to their site. This type of service is out on e-commerce market not long ago but it has a great potential as for retailers and for online buyers as well.

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