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French riviera : a destination very appreciated by foreign tourists.

People of all around the world like going to France, especially near the sea in the South of France. There is an area which is called «french riviera» (Côte d'Azur in french language) which goes along the Mediterranean Sea.

This area is very appreciated by foreign tourists. Near the Sea (so the beaches), not far from italy and mountains too and with sunny days all year long, this region have a lot of advantages.

Invest in french riviera

Because of this interest by people who come to spend some days in the South of France, the real estate in French Riviera is very popular. This situation is a good opportunity for investors to get some earnings at the end of each months. To promote investments, french government implemented some tax incentive investment.

The main consequence is that the real estate in the South of France is pretty expensive. Indeed, get a property in this area is occupied almost all the time. Then, that's a good way to get money of this investment but generates high investments.

An alternative ? Buy a provence property !

Buy a provence property is a good alternative to benefits of interests by foreign people with prices less high. Moreover, there are a lot of french houses for sale in beautiful places in France. And this part of France attracts foreign tourists at other times of the year. For instance, a city as Chamonix attracts people during the winter more than during the summer.

Provence properties can be located in mountains but in countryside or even in some provence cities too. Furthermore, that's a different kind of people seduced by this landscape.

In conclusion, get a tourism residence in French riviera is very advantageous for investors who can benefits of power of attraction of this place.

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