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What should we know about the aluminium recycling industry?.

Aluminium is deeply anchored in today’s life. However not many people realize that aluminium recycling industry offers economic and environmental advantages.

Some data about recycling in the world

Recycling is now a full-fledged industrial activity. The recent statistics show that approximately 1.6 million people worldwide are particularly active in the industry of recycling. Altogether, they handle more than 600 million tonnes of recyclables in one year. These data unveil also that the recycling industry becomes now a key driver of the sustainable development of our future, similar to the GDP of each country, such as Colombia, Portugal and Malaysia. As a reminder, this new industry offers an annual turnover of more than 0 billion. About 10% of this amount is spent on research and development which contribute to the creation of high-skilled jobs and on new technologies.

Recycling for environmental reasons

Recycling aluminium has a real environmental impacts. Contrary to popular belief, this specific process takes care of our planet, in addition to becoming an integral part of modern society. Indeed, compared to the production processes which use virgin materials, recycled materials means reduce considerably the use of natural resources, and the energy consumption. In the field of energy saving, the recycling of aluminium saves more than 95%, while copper, plastic, paper and steel offer respectively only 85, 80, 65 and 74% of energy saving. According to the BIR Study on the Environmental Benefits of Recycling, in 2009, aluminium recycling offers more than 92%, while Nickel, Copper, Ferrous and paper deliver respectively more than 90, 65, 58 and 18%.

Some precisions about aluminium recycling

The aluminium recycling has a special role in the development of European, Japanese and North American market, where demand of scrap from applications at the end of their useful lives is important. Compared to the production of 40 million tonnes of primary aluminium, the recent data unveiled that refiners and remelters produce around 20 million tonnes of recycled aluminium every year, in different formats like cosmetic tube and aluminium tube. Since 1980, the industry of aluminium recycling industry has quadrupled its annual output of metal from old and traded new scrap. It goes from 5 million tonnes to almost 20 million tonnes.

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