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Wallpapers and the City.

Myloview online store, an interior design store specializing in the sale of wallpapers, posters and stickers, has just added a collection of murals inspired by the city.

There are people in this world whose dream is to spend the rest of their lives far away from the city, in a small house in the country. Growing carrots. Raising goats. Those people love peace and quiet, prefer walking to running, enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace far better than a pint of beer in a loud pub.

Photograph wallpapers from the Big City collection are definitely not for them, since they were born out of the fascination with the city, this vibrant, noisy, glittery concrete monster. The collection, however, does not use representations that we know from Taxi Driver or Sex and the City, it concentrates rather on the more serene aspect of the city, suggesting nevertheless that somewhere beneath all that there is a great tension that can explode without warning. All the wallpapers from the Big City collection have a soft, muted quality to them, which, among other things, stems from the fact that they represent New York, Paris and Sydney either at dawn or sunset. These veritable portaits were designed by a graphic artist Michal Radziejowski, who did not limit himself to simply replicate clichés. On the contrary, he focused on things that we would not necessarily think about. And so, for example, the Paris wallpaper focuses on the enthralling landscape of rooftops, leaving the Eiffel Tower barely visible somewhere in the background, gently reminding us that we are in the capital of France. This wallpaper is an example of the artist's fresh approach to well known themes.

The Big City wallpapers collection – experience world metropoles without leaving your home

The same goes for the New York wallpaper. If it was not for the title, it would not be at all obvious that we are looking at the Big Apple. Although we see water tanks, which, it is true, are a characteristic feature of the American landscape, we associate them rather with a small-town scenery. Apart from them, we find town houses, typical for working class districts, next somewhat small, for New York standards, high-rises, and finally office blocks. And yet, it is still New York, albeit its less known side. In the case of Sydney, the artist opted for a more classical solution – the wallpaper represents the famous opera and characteristic skyscrapers, which are also reflected in the waters of Sydney Bay. It's one of the views that reminds us about an important advantage of photo wallpapers, mainly their capacity to optically enlarge a small room. The view of Sydney Bay, roofs of Paris or the less known side of New York create an illusion that the interior is bigger. In consequence, owners of small houses have nothing to fear about photograph wallpapers ; properly chosen, they will definitely not make the room look smaller. Since the photograph wallpapers from the Big City collection can be used in both spacious and small interiors, it is worthwhile to think about where they will fit best. Well, city landscapes are sufficiently universal to embellish any sort of space: hallway, bedroom, living room, bathroom or even kitchen. The Sydney wallpaper will go very will with the bathroom. It will suit those that think water motifs should be used in this kind of interior. The romantic view of Parisian roofs will be perfect to decorate the bedroom – a perfect choice for dreamers and lovers. On the other hand, it will look good in the kitchen as well – even when making scrambled eggs, one can feel as if in the culinary capital of the world. The New York wallpaper will be looking best in the living room, especially one designed in the industrial style – nothing will complement it better than a working-class district landscape.

If you want more information, you can consult the official site but also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also contact Lucas Pudlo at 0048728546056 for further information.

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