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“Arctic Chiller” is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. The bottling facility is made up of state of the art productions equipment. The plant contains four major production lines.

Bottled Water Buying Guide
Bottled water all looks remarkably the same, all clear and clean looking, all containing no calories and no sugar. But there are a few clues on the label that can help you to know exactly what you’re buying and which type will work best for you.

Mineral Water
Mineral water is water from a natural source that contains dissolved solids which are minerals that our bodies need. An example of one of these minerals is calcium. To be classified as mineral water and labelled as such, the water needs to contain 250 parts per million of these dissolved minerals. The minerals can’t be artificially added but must be present naturally in the water. Minerals will also change the taste of water, so many people really prefer the taste that mineral water naturally has.

Spring Water
A large percentage of bottled water brands are selling spring water. In order to be allowed to put this on the label, the water must come from an underground water source that naturally flows to the surface, although the FDA does allow the water to be removed from underground, directly from the source of the spring. Spring water may have a different taste from tap water because of the minerals that are naturally present in the water.

Basic Bottled Water
There are many bottled waters that come directly from a municipal source, meaning that they are about the same as tap water. However, they are also given filtration treatments and the processes are regulated by the FDA. Tap water directly from the tap has been regulated by the EPA, but the bottled municipal water will have some additional regulations and restrictions applied to it. Also, the filtration processes give it a different taste.

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