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France CAMUS Wine and Spirits

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We would like to give you the chance to offer your readers - both amateurs and the non-initiated alike - a fresh new way to look at Cognac, thanks to a fun and unconventional web series. To open the saga, Frederic - our expert and ambassador - will answer the vital question: What is Cognac?Coming soon : What do VS, VSOP and XO mean? How to store Cognac? How to drink Cognac? What is…

Canada Personalized Water, Bottled Water, Spring Water

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“Arctic Chiller” is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. The bottling facility is made up of state of the art productions equipment. The plant contains four major production lines. Bottled Water Buying GuideBottled water all looks remarkably the same, all clear and clean looking, all containing no calories and no sugar. But there are a few clues on the label that can help…