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For the first time in Japan! A crowdsourcing service that bridges “Japanese companies preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics” and “overseas human resources”, Workshift, with a membership of 6,000 and Facebook “Likes” of over 52,000!.

The service offered by Workshift Solutions that connects Japanese companies with overseas human resources, called Workshift, has accumulated 52,000 “Likes” of Facebook and has built a network of over 6,000 users. With the 2020 Olympics coming up Japanese companies will be increasing overseas projects that can easily be received and completed by people overseas.

What is Workshift
It is a crowdsourcing service that makes it easy to outsource jobs over the Internet.(https://workshift-sol.com)
For the first time a service has arrived that specializes in matching overseas based freelancers and Japanese companies in Japan. (Registration is free and using the platform is also free).

Why is it so easy for overseas freelancers to receive jobs from Japanese companies?

  • First of all the website is multilingual: Japanese, English and French.
  • A translation tool is installed and available to use.
  • Inconvenient overseas money transfers are all handled by us.
  • All steps from posting the job to final settlement can all be conducted within one website.
  • An escrow system has been adopted for holding the client's funds once an agreement has been made. Thus, the freelancer can begin working knowing without anxiety because he/she knows that Workshift is holding the funds.
  • There are over 5,600 registered users at Workshift covering over 60 countries.

There are the kinds of jobs that are most often posted on Workshift:

  • Designs for company logos, characters, and business cards.
  • Market research for Japanese lacquer ware in Taiwan.
  • Request to provide the name and contact number of a small village in the Philippines with no electricity.
  • Request to find someone to attend the Japan Expo in Paris. Someone to be a guide and assistant.
  • We are looking for someone to create the catch copy of our product in the Thai language.
  • We are looking for someone to who can attend our business meetings in Indonesian and be a Japanese/Indonesian interpreter for us.
  • We want someone to produce for us a multilingual corporate PR video.

To see more samples of our past jobs please refer to this link.(https://workshift-sol.com/jobs/search?lang=en&all=1)

Workshift Solutions Co. Ltd.
Location : 2-22-14-502 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
Representative : CEO, Shigenori Araki
Established : September 10, 2013 (service started 8 months ago and the government cited us in their recent white paper)
Tel : 03-6804-5020 Fax 03-6804-5021
URL : https://www.workshift-sol.com
Corporate PR video : http://bit.ly/1eoqCVy

Please send inquiries to : info@workshift-sol.com

For more information, I invite you to go on official site but also on Facebook and Twitter.

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