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The use of aluminium in food packaging.

Aluminium is one of the most widely used materials in product design packaging. It has many advantages, to name only transportation and preservation of foods.

Aluminium foils and cans

Aluminium is a material increasingly used in the packaging of food products. Invented in 1972, aluminium cans assure beverage packaging. In order to prolong the storage life of the product, the manufacturers of this kind of packaging have implemented a protective polymeric coat. It also guarantees that the contents of the can will never touch the metal walls of the can. This kind of packaging also appears in foils form.

It is considered as the second most popular type of aluminium packaging. Sometimes only 6.35 microns thick, aluminium foils are especially used in food packaging. Eight times thinner than a bank note, this kind of packaging also preserves the quality and the taste of the food over a long period. As a reminder, aluminium foils can stand cold and hot temperatures. That’s why it is widely used in the packaging of pre-cooked food.

What are the benefits?

Using aluminium in food packaging offers a range of benefits. First of all, it protects the product from light, water and some bacteria or elements which could affect quickly its quality. Aluminium packaging, presented in cans and foils formats perfectly preserve the taste and the flavour of the food.

Further maintaining the temperature at a specific level, this kind of packaging also guarantee the safely transportation of the product. According to The European Regulation 1935/2004, aluminium foils and cans used in food packaging should be manufactured in a way that prevents them to affect the quality of the food, or make it harmful. They must not change the quality, the substance and the nature of the food that they host.

Furthermore sterilization and food preservation, aluminium foils are also used in the packaging of medicines. A Cosmetic tube for hygiene articles also contains aluminium, in order to preserve the quality of the product.

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