How works the BBcode of 2BubbleBlog?
The tags used for the editing of the listings in 2BubbleBlog are not pure BBCode (aka Bulletin Board Code), this is a homemade version similar to the original, but allowing a few more things (e.g. lowercase, small cap, highlighter...) and not allowing a few other functions (e.g. link, image, email...). The missing options are used elsewhere, so it was not necessary to see those informations twice.

Here is the list of tags used in 2BubbleBlog:

[b]...[/b] bold
[i]...[/i] italic
[u]...[/u] underline
[s]...[/s] strikethrough
[sup]...[/sup] superscript
[sub]...[/sub] subscript
[color=red]...[/color] color (by default, red, but any color works)
[highlight=yellow]...[/highlight] highlight (by default, yellow, but any color works)
[size=4]...[/size] size up
[lowercase]...[/lowercase] lowercase
[uppercase]...[/uppercase] uppercase
[smallcaps]...[/smallcaps] small caps
[quote]...[/quote] quote
[list][*]Info 1[/*][*]Info 2[/*][/list] listing using bullets
[list][*d]Info 1[/*d][*d]Info 2[/*d][/list] listing using numbers
[list][*a]Info 1[/*a][*a]Info 2[/*a][/list] listing using alphabet
[left]...[/left] text aligned left
[center]...[/center] text centered
[right]...[/right] text aligned right
[justify]...[/justify] text justify
Why is my press release was removed?
If you go to your account and one of your press releases has been deleted, is that you do not respect the rules of 2BubbleBlog. As a reminder, the text that are spinned, copied and pasted, misspelled or written with literary verve of a child under 10 years old receive a warning asking the editor to correct his copy in a time of one week. After this delay, the press release is deleted.
Why my text was altered?
All press releases submitted on 2BubbleBlog are read carefully before any validation. If it contains minor errors, they will be corrected immediately before validation. If instead, the text is written in bad French or is without interest, a warning email will be sent to the editor so that he makes the change himself. If after a week no changes have been made, the release will be deleted.
It may also that a video, a map or pictures is added by us to enhance the press release.