2015-04-0909 Avril 2015
Today 2BubbleBlog upgraded to a CSS Responsive version, two weeks before the deadline from Google, so, no worries, users will always find your press release via Google when they use their smartphone and tablet.
2014-08-3030 Août 2014
Today 2BubbleBlog migrates to a newer server and the DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours, so it is advisable not to post any press release before Monday by security ...
2014-08-0808 Août 2014
That’s it, the 1000th press release has just been published on our site.
2014-06-1212 Juin 2014
Hi everyone, Today, two important news, first, Orb Web directory has been redirected permanently in 301 to 2BubbleBlog because since its opening, the interest of the directory fell into disuse. The second news is that the registrations on 2BubbleBlog will be closed from July 1st to August 31st. By cons, users already registered may continue to submit their press releases as usual.
2014-04-1212 Avril 2014
Today the 700 press releases has been reached, an increase of 200 press releases in 2 months. There is now much less unscrupulous SEOs since it is recalled in two strategic areas of the site (on the registration and publication pages) that press releases available in whole or in part on other sites (including on the source site) will not be published, finally, that does not stop some of them to try anyway, just in case ...
2014-02-1111 Février 2014
a major update has been made ​​to celebrate the 500th press release on 2BubbleBlog. If you go to My Account, then My press releases you will discover 3 new icons.

- The broken link icon will allows you to make the links within the press release Nofollow, if needed, the source with the anchor official site will remain Dofollow regardless of your choice.
- The tag icon allows you to add up to 6 tags which will give more visibility to your press release which will be displayed in more pages (eg tag: Classified ads).
- The megaphone icon tells you if your release is highlighted or not. To do this, click on the icon Promoting the release for more details.

Now, broadcast on social networks will be done only if you choose one of the two promotion packages because the volume of press releases to validate daily increased significantly and this reduces the processing time. Nothing prevents you anyway to talk about your releases on social networks, as advised in the email notification you receive during validation.
Moreover, despite warnings on registration and on the top of the submission form, some (a minority) have still not understood that duplicate content is not validated and continuous wasting their time and ours...
2014-01-2626 Janvier 2014
Hello everyone, today, one of the editors added in his press release an audio links to Audiomack and this gave me an idea, why not allowing the audio links! So I went around the specialized sites and unfortunately, the only one that can be added easily (ie just add the link of the page, then a homemade script embed it for you), is Audiomack. This is not going to serve everybody, certainly, but for the promotion of an artist, a political speech or few others, it can be useful.
Another news, the last blog entry appears now on the home page of your member area, so, you will be informed of any changes faster now.
2014-01-0909 Janvier 2014
This is twice this week that after the validation of a press release, the author decides to replace it with another text and I felt obliged to banish him. Not going to play cat and mouse any longer, from today on, a press release validated can not be updated afterward. If there is any error to correct or if the press release is no longer acurate and should be deleted, you must use the contact form and provide us the amending or deleting to do.
2013-11-1818 Novembre 2013
Hello, I do not have internet at the office these days, so validations are slower. I apologize for that.
2013-10-1818 Octobre 2013
2BubbleBlog is a victim of its success. Having received a lot of press releases lately, validations will take a bit more time than usual. Each of them is read before being approved or denied.
2013-09-0101 Septembre 2013
Today, official launch of the new version of 2BubbleBlog. The site has been redone in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Microformats. The speed of the site is now optimal and options available for each press release are more than enticing: 6 pictures, a video, a map and a press book.